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  • Our love

  • Our love is more then just one person loving another.

  • Our love is more then just the first love .

  • Our love isn't love it's more .

  • It's more then a fat kid without a Twinkie , or the ice without being cold , or a turtle without it's shell .

  • It's more like something rare . It's a rare disease that one couple can get .

  • I feel that the love we have is that rare disease .

  • It's different , we think different we do out of the ordinary things .

  • We do things normal couples wouldn't do .

  • It's like a majestic bird .

  • We have a majestic love for eachother .

  • It's so strong that other people start to feel it when we walk by . Our smiles shine brighter then the sun , our hugs are warmer then the beach sand, our kisses are more soft then a baby's butt . Our love is more then just love .

  • We argue like brother and sister , we miss eachother like we haven't seen eachother in years , we kiss eachother like it's our last , we hug like we are about to die . Our love is something not to be explained about , it's something to feel and see .

  • You're everything a girl could possibly want in a guy. There's one and billion chance a girl would end up being with a guy like you, and I can honestly say I was that one . But I ruined it . But I will do everything and anything to fix it Kenny . If I have to I will go in front of a million of people and go on one knee and ask for your forgiveness and your trust . It's alot to ask for but I am going to try everything to get your trust back . Every little piece of trust , and I will do anything to put your heart back together. I wish there was a redo button so I can just go back in time and do everything right and fix the mistake I made . But if I did that nothing would be the same and it would be different and we wouldn't be as close as we are now . Everything happens for a reason . Kenny I will do everything and anything to fix the mistakes I made . It was stupid of me to lie to you like that and take advantage of your trust . I know it's gunna be hell trying to get trust back because I lied but I will do everything . It's gunna be hard and it's gunna be hell but I am gunna try Kenny . It's gunna happen . I am gunna try . I am not giving up, ever.

Just thinking about it every second of the day kind of sucks.

Just thinking about it every second of the day kind of sucks. We both agreed to break up, but I miss him a lot. It was hard to let him go, and watch him flirt and talk to other girls. The worst part is I know he really likes this girl, it sucks. Even though we broke up and it was agreed, and we are still friends, it still hurts. I am not going to get in the way of things, because I just wanna see him happy. If I get to see that smile again that he had at the beginning of our relationship, I think Ill be okay. Everything does happen for a reason. I hope this reason, leads up too, we both realize that we are meant for each-other. But, who knows? Anything and everything is possible. Only the future can tell us. It’s I don’t really know how to feel about it. Like I am happy that he is happy, but I am sad that it isn’t with me. Sometimes I think to myself. Why? I just hope this girl, can give him everything I never did. I hope she can make him happy, and not break his heart. This post isn’t to bash on him. He was NEVER, a bad boyfriend to me he treat me like a princess, and that’s all I ever wanted to be treated like. He is my love, and my heart. I am just saying he is the best thing that have ever happened to me, and I hope he can say that to a girl that won’t break his heart. 

 Dear Mystery Girl, 

         I know you probley won’t see this but, I know you’ll make him happy. Just please don’t break his heart. It’s been through enough, and it needs a break. Don’t take the time you have with him for granted, cherish every moment your with him. You’re pretty, and you seem like a good person.  Just treat him like he has never been treated like, please. Thank you. 


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